QINGDAO ORIENTALFLON NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD. was founded was founded in 2001, it imports the advanced technology and equipments of 1990s in the world whose main products include moulding grade PTFE powders and pelletized PTFE、extrusion grade pelletized PTFE、filled grade PTFE powders and pelletized PTFE、lubricant grade super-fine PTFE powders. It has 4 series handreds of assortments whose production capacity is 1000 tons per year.

The products of the Company are further-processed through advanced technique and technology on the base of virgin PTFE. The main property indexes improve greatly in comparision with virgin PTFE having completely overcome the shortcomings of poor free-flowing and continuity in automatic processibility. On the same time, the materials have found their way in new applications to meet the needs of customers in processing. They are used extensively in the fields like aerospace, aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemicals, mechanicals, non-oil lubricants, advanced construction materials, light textile industry and food processing industry. The products of the Company not only have the dominant advantage in the domestic market, but also have been sold to Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific district. The Company would keep high quality with its quality assurance system and meet all kinds of needs of the domestic and foreign customers with its perfect service after selling.

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